One of my favorite tools for picking colors by Steven Johnson

While some of us may be experts at deciding which paint to pick at a hardware store or even what color to make a font on a cover letter, I am truly lost. Then our friends at Adobe came out with this amazing little web app called Kuler. What is Kuler? Well, it is simply an app that lets you pick a primary color and find other colors that go with it. It is also a fantastic way to teach the different types of color relations on the color wheel.

Kuler by Adobe.

Kuler by Adobe.

So now you never have an excuse for what set of colors to paint that two-tone bathroom or why orange and blue are the perfect triadic colors for the University of Florida.

There is also a great crowdsourcing tool called Pulse that allows you to see what are the popular colors from around the world that are downloaded. This is a great example of learning more about your surroundings via a social network.