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Resume inspirations

Spring is here, and that means that tens of thousands of college students will be frantically searching, applying and interviewing for jobs.

So how do you stand out amongst your job competition?

You certainly won't by using a Microsoft Word resume template.

In the spirit of stomach-churning job hunting, here are a few links that I've found helpful when needing a little inspiration for resume designing.

Of course, you still need to make sure your resume design reflects your business card design and website design.



A fresh look to those "year in review" videos

We are at that time of year where "best of" lists and "biggest moments" recap videos, posts and articles will be hitting our browsers by the thousands.

The Orlando Sentinel has done something a little different at recapping a very busy news year for their market with a unique video to tell their best stores in 2013.

“This was a big jump by going video-centric,” said Tom Burton, director of photography and video at the paper. “We wouldn’t have been able to do this unless we had a staff that was fully capable of doing video.”

One of the many headlines used in the video to recap a busy 2013 for The Orlando Sentinel.

One of the many headlines used in the video to recap a busy 2013 for The Orlando Sentinel.

Their video is more than just a chronological montage of news events, arbitrary lists or a mind-numbing photo gallery. It doesn't rely music or some overarching theme song for the year to keep the audience's attention, but more on the coverage by the paper.

Sean Pitts, a staff videographer at the paper, edited it to be as chronological as possible but said there were certain periods of slow news he had to work around.

“Newspapers do video,” said Burton after their year in review videos have traditionally been audio slideshows.

Besides showing the important events in Orlando, the video presents them in a way that pays homage to newspaper design - something that is often overlooked when translated to the digital world.

“I was not a newspaper person, so I found a lot newspaper stuff kind of magical," said Pitts. "It’s something that is obviously uniques to us.”

The video, edited by Pitts on Final Cut Pro, took more than 18 hours to complete - a relatively short amount of time compared to other recap videos in years past according to Burton.

Pitts used a relatively simple process to imbed the video into the newspaper's design by scaling a cropping clips over the converted PDFs of the layouts. He then created sub clips in Final Cut Pro to add the motion over the entire layout imbedded with video.

2013 was an impressive year for video with the paper. They ran front page stories with images that were screen grabs from DSLR videos, sent GoPro cameras in cages with lizards, underwater with manatees and, in some months, tripled their video web traffic. All of this pointing to a new advertising structure that the paper and it's "competitors" are using to not only promoter their own work, but share it with others.

Burton explained that it is less of a competition to beat other newspapers and more about strategically sharing content to promote hits that benefit both organizations with advertising revenue.

“You have to have this open-sourced mentality when it comes to video,” said Burton. “Newspapers are getting better at it, but we’re in a culture that needs to be shared.”


In an age where media's relevance is constantly in question, this short video shows just how much has been covered in the Orlando market and the work of the staff at the paper to bring it to their audience in print and online.

“I just hope that people want to watch it again," said Pitts. "Because you can miss things. Everything I included was there for a reason."

- Follow The Orlando Sentinel's photo department on Twitter at @OSPhoto.



ThingLink - Design Grid

I was introduced to a fantastic new service by some fantastic students from the UFJSchool called ThingLink. Basically, it allows you to add links to an image with icons. This can be used from everything to teaching how a photo was taken to explaining a complex document. Check out my first ThingLink below of the basics of designing a spread.

So take a look and hover over the image to discover new links that can help you with design.

I think there will be many more of these to come.



Good Design is Everywhere

A layout on called, "Mountain Bike Per Tutti (For All)."

A layout on called, "Mountain Bike Per Tutti (For All)."

Good design is universal - no matter what language you speak (or can read). This is just the case while I was browsing around Designspiration and found graphic designer, Francesco Franchi.

I soon came across Franchi's Flikr account and saw he uploaded hundreds of amazing designs. 

He is an art director for 'IL — Intelligence in Lifestyle' the new gentlemen's style magazine of 'Il Sole 24 ORE', the leading financial and economical daily newspaper in Italy.


Here is his website.