Tutorials for InDesign and Illustrator by @JustinGalicz by Steven Johnson

Justin has been so kind to do a screencast of his tutorial from class this week. Feel free to contact him via e-mail at if you have any questions that pertain to the Adobe software.

Click to play video.

As a reminder: the project is due on Wed. Jan, 23 at 11:55 p.m. You will have to create a blog on Wordpress, Squarespace or any other approval blogging platform, but I would prefer you to use on of these two services. If you have already taken multimedia writing with Dr. Dodd you can reuse that blog with your design enhancements. If you have not taken multimedia writing with Dr. Dodd, I highly encourage you to use Wordpress so you may use the same blog in that course.

Make sure you follow Justin on Twitter for more tips.