Courses Developed 

  • Creative Storytelling

Can a story be told from the perspective of a pizza box? My students and I think so. In Creative Storytelling, we pushed the boundaries of what is a story and how can we interact with our audience.

We used fMRI brain maps to learn how our brains process certain topics, emotions and, most important, how it categorizes and connects them. With these connections in mind, we built story maps to find better ways for audiences to empathize with a topic.

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  • Visual Journalism

In this course, students gained an understanding for the impact of visual storytelling and learned how to communicate visually through typography, design, presentation, photography and videography. The course provided students an opportunity to build a foundation in design and visual storytelling.

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  • Social media Journalism

In this course we discussed what makes social media an effective tool for reporters, how to use social media to gather sources and information, and how to decide when social media is part of the story. In addition to leveraging social media to your advantage as a reporter, we talked about the risks of using it, the misuse of it and best ethical practices. 

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  • Digital Imaging and Web Design

This master's course familiarized students with the development and impact of imagery in interactive media. Students learned how visual ‘language’ is the basis for developing contextual symbolic meanings that are shared throughout a culture. Semiotics, information design and persuasive communication were explored and tested through a series of projects, case studies and papers.

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  • Multimedia Reporting

This online course complements the fundamentals of writing with skills-based projects on audio recording, video recording and photography to enable students to become multifaceted journalists.

In addition to developing the skills of being a multimedia journalist, the course focused on the editing decisions made in planning, in the field and after reporting to decide which medium is the best to tell a story that your audience will be interested in and retain information.

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