(from left) Myself, Allison Posey and Patrick Fleming pose for a picture on a railroad crossing in Central Georgia while traveling to Birmingham, Ala.

Normally, a trip from Gainesville to Birmingham should take about eight hours, but when you have a rambunctious group of journalists in the Jeep, things tend to take a little longer. Eleven hours, three or four stops, a cemetery and some great BBQ at Dreamland later, we were in Birmingham.

We will be shooting all day tomorrow in Tuscaloosa before the Florida/Alabama football game. I'm positive the tailgating and diehard fans will make for some interesting pictures.

Luckily, not all photographs on this blog have to be of football players and sporting events. Georgia is an incredible state with a rich history that we only touched the surface of by driving through some of the historic towns.

It definitely makes work seem like a vacation when you are road tripping with your good friends and never say "no" to a good opportunity to make a great picture. It was nice to finally get out and shoot for myself - it had been a while. I can't wait for the drive back to Gainesville.

Here are just a few of the shots we took while on our way in the deep south.

We may or may not have trespassed onto a cotton farm... But we got the shot.The sun set over a railroad crossing in Central Georgia.

We stopped at a two-hundred-year-old cemetery on the way through Georgia. 

There were endless small towns and farms to stop at on the way to Birmingham. We will definitely take our time heading back home.