If I didn't have enough on my plate as we enter the spring, I was asked by the University of Florida to join their task force on their expansion project for Weimer Hall (College of Journalism and Communications).

I happily joined.

Weimer Hall is near and dear to my heart. As a journalist from the University of Florida, I would do anything that could better my school. I have been discovering my career in that building since I was in high school.

So as the weeks of meeting ran by, the big one was coming up. A two-day marathon of a session with our builders (AJAX) and our architects (ROWE). There was one problem, we didn't know what we wanted.

 Executive Director of Multimedia Properties at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications, Randy Wright, holds preliminary outlines of the building expansion project.

As the meeting creeped closer, I scribbled faster. Finally, the night before our big meeting and after a long day of traveling, my good friend and producer Reed Erickson and I started scribbling in a more permanent and professional fashion; with plates from IKEA and CDs to use as protractors.

Primitive, but it got the job done.

Never did I think that my job as a journalist would entail drawing on blueprints of planning what I thought is the future of journalism. This newsroom will encompass multiple radio and television stations, along with a news service that will be using students from all mediums of journalism. Try fitting all of that into one room!

It was a late night working on the preliminary drawings. This photo was taken at about 2 a.m. in the early stages of our drawing (and eating).

We just wrapped up day one of meetings and after 8 hours of discussions, there is a pretty cool concept being formed for the new expansion to Weimer Hall.

As this process progrsses, I will be sure to post as many updates as possible.

Always on the move,

- Steve