Filming has begun for a new series on PBS affiliate WUFT called "Our Town." Each one-hour show will feature two small towns in Florida. I have been fortunate enough to be asked to produce this show with the team at Creative Services with WUFT.

We have a staff of 22 not including myself, director Brad Noblitt and producer Ken Pemberton. When I sat down with Brad and Ken to begin planning the show, we decided to hire journalism students instead of telecommunication students to do the bulk of the reporting which has turned out to be a fantastic decision.

We've almost wrapped up filming in both Alachua and High Springs, the towns we chose for this first show, and we will air at the beginning of March.

The stories that have come out of these small towns have been both surprising and a breath of fresh air. After getting caught up in so many sports and news stories, it is nice to go out and work on some feature stories.

Producing is an odd change of pace for me; I'm usually the one behind the camera and planning each stage of any production. To manage  20+ journalists has had its many challenges, but in the end, the ideas formed as a group and stories produced will make for a fantastic television show.

More posts will come as we edit trailers and commercials and finalize the graphics.

Always on the move,

- Steve

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