Rarely do I get to jump into the action of spot news. This is because, one, Gainesville does not have a lot of spot news and, two, I am usually working on other projects and contract work that doesn't allow me to cover the daily news.

Luckily, or unfortunately for the homeowners, my director, Brad Noblitt, and I ran across a brush fire in Alachua while filming "Our Town." We immediately turned around and raced toward the smoke, grabbed our camera (Brad was shooting on a Panasonic 500 and I was shooting with a Nikon D3s).

It was amazing to shoot side by side with two completely different technologies. We are in the process of testing DSLR cameras for video production and feature television shows but did not plan on using it for spot news for quite some time. This was a giant leap forward in our work to showcase the possibilities of DSLR video.

The fires were eventually put out and no homes were destroyed.

One amazing ability of shooting news with the Nikon D3s was the ability to quickly switch between still photographs and video. Below are just a few photos taken during our time at the scene. I was also able to shoot about 15 minutes of video. Because we had to run to our next location for "Our Town," we did not stick around for interviews, but this would have also been possible with the DSLR.

It's exciting to see the potential of DSLR video as a tool for spot news to get photographs, video and audio out as soon as possible.

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