The outside of the Bloomberg offices in New York City.

While venturing the east coast I was able to stop by Bloomberg's NYC offices in Manhattan to tour their facilities and see what they have done to run a more efficient newsroom.

Their burro chief was more than welcoming and gave me what seemed like a hour-long tour in about 25 minutes.

To put it simply, Bloomberg has their act together and at the highest level. You can converge newsroom this and cross platform that all day - Bloomberg actually does it.

From the "cool" factor of a New York City office to the guts of a working newsroom, every aspect of the glass sculpture of a building was planned with meticulous detail. Probably the most important planning done during the construction of the offices was the ability to change. Almost every desk in the newsroom was a terminal. Anyone can work anywhere at anytime. More importantly, they can adjust their layout and numbers according to the news. For example: for the past few years, the real estate market has been a hot topic, so they  shifted their reporters and added space for that section of their operation, now foreign affairs is taking center stage again and, once again, the workspace can be configured to accommodate the story.

Bloomberg has taken the Apple-esque minimalist approach to their studios to a whole new level. There is no fancy desk, no big sign and no permanent floor plan, just a raised floor, screen and a small podium for a laptop. The working newsroom serves as both a backdrop and secondary studios for corresponding editors to be on camera.

The newsroom was a working set at all times. As we would walkthrough the building, crews with wireless network cameras were setting up the next shot or robotic cameras were positioning shots to air in a segment.

Once we completed the tour of the studios and newsroom, I was fortunate enough to learn about the ins and outs of managing a staff of 1,000 and at the request of Bloomberg I will leave that portion out of my writing.

As I continue my search for a perfect news operation, I think Bloomberg has jumped to my No. 1 spot and will stay there for quite some time.

Efficiency is the name of the game in New York City and the media industry and from their print, television , online and mobile news outlets, to even my tour, was conducted in the most efficient way possible maximizing their output of over 5,000 stories a day and one very impressed journalist. 

A special thanks to Bloomberg's NYC Bureau Chief and everyone who was so welcoming in the longest 25 minutes of trip.


My Best,


- Steve