Miles and I on the set of CBS Evening News.

In college you're supposed to drink more, study less and make work a second priority. Well, my good friend Miles Doran and I never really saw it that way - and it paid off.

Miles graduated in May of 2010 and now works as a digital journalist at CBS News in New York. We never got a chance to hang out much in college because of our schedules, but now, our paths cross across the country and what can be some of the most stressful trips have now been turned into welcoming reunions.

As I was touring the east coast in search of the perfect newsroom, Miles invited me to tour the CBS studios and take a few notes. While CBS is one of the smaller national network news outlets, it competes with the big boys at ABC and NBC with a much smaller staff - and they do it well.

Because of the digital journalists like Miles that CBS has created, they are able to travel lighter, be in more places at once and get stories back to NYC faster than many other networks.

The CBS newsroom in New York City.

What excited me the most was the implementation of DSLR video recording in their news operation. At UF, we have just begun to work with Canon 7D cameras and creating "fly-packs" to outfit journalists to report across multiple platforms on a single assignment. This is comforting to know that even the bigger operations have seen the value in the one-man-band approach to journalism and the use of DSLR video recording.

I can't wait to see what Miles will do next with his already impressive resume at CBS, I'm sure our paths will cross again soon.


 My Best,

 - Steve