More than moving pictures

A single image can disrupt a morning routine and transform it into a journey into another world. A world that could be thousands of miles away or a world unnoticed in your own neighborhood.

Now with nearly the entirety of human knowledge carried around in the pockets of most citizens of the developed world, the arresting story is increasingly important.

The world got a lot smaller, but we are still missing important narratives near and far.

Storytelling has been ingrained in us a survival mechanism since we were hunters and gatherers. Stories saved us from extinction and allowed us to see ourselves in others.

Now in this era of technological revolution, we need experiments with how these new forms will adapt and shape to the platform.

There is no such thing as a permanent story. Paper will disintegrate. Stones will crumble. Data will be lost. And memories will fail.

The only way for a story to survive is a combination of the effectiveness of the storyteller and the evolutions of the medium used to tell it.

It is my hope in life that the stories I tell and produce will continue to make the world a better place long after the medium has changed.